to the broken and tired to the soul that yearns to be lifted higher to the one who tried to make it on their own but their plan backfired to the sinner with only one desire   to the wandering heart that was led astray to the child who falls asleep on the front row [...]

I am Yours

I've wandered away from You more than once I've chosen to not acknowledge Your presence Choosing to make my own decisions was once my preference I have thought that I don't need Your guidance   I've made decisions without Your permission It's no surpise that I ended up in even worse condition Up until now, [...]


One day when the things of this earth no longer satisfy my heart, I'll be able to cling to the perfect place that God has set apart. One day when the uncertainty turns into worry, I'll be able to automatically remember that you already have the victory.   One day when I have questions about [...]