little wonders

It’s the wind whistling through the trees

It’s the day when it’s 75 degrees in the winter

It’s the gift of sleeping in for an extra 30 minutes on a Tuesday

It’s the way the sun comes out after its rained profusely


It’s the smile on a baby’s face when they see bubbles in the bathtub

It’s the cup of coffee I drink in the morning when I can’t quite wake up

It’s the blessing of getting to see the people I love everyday

It’s the day you wake up and realize its Friday


It’s the joy of finding something you thought you’d misplaced

It’s the feeling of a close friend’s embrace

It’s the comfort in knowing who’s you are

It’s the peace in knowing you’re never too far


You are here always

no matter how seemingly worthless or noticeably precious

Everywhere I look for You, there I find small pieces of Your goodness

And even when I don’t, I know you are still present regardless


I’m learning to not become so overwhelmed with how my life isn’t

And realizing that the best things require patience

And trust that Your timing isn’t incorrect

That when it’s right, Your plan will be made perfect


So, I let go of the preconceived picture frame I said You had to fit in

And start to open my eyes to see that You are where You’ve always been

In every moment of the day,

You show me that You’re never going away

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