i feel far from You

i know You’re right where You’ve always been

by my side everywhere I go

but I can’t feel your arms around me anymore


i feel like I’ve left You behind

as if You were my jacket hanging in my closet

i walk out the door knowing I need You

but only when it’s cold outside


there’s an emptiness within me

and I know that the only one that can fill it is You

but I’m struggling to let go

in order for You to do what you said you could


i love You

that’s why I don’t understand why I leave You

but even when I do,

your arms are spread wide open for me to run back into


so, into them I’ll run

away from any other temptations I have

to the one who gave me life

and an ocean full of grace



“You’ve seen me at my worst when I thought all hope was lost. You’ve seen me at my best and still I’ve fallen short. What You see of worth in me I’ll never know. I’ll never know. I’m so thankful that new mercies rise with the morning sun. I’m so thankful that you’ve never given up on me. Please draw near you know my heart it tends to stray.”

-Stray by The Assembile


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