Why I Pray

to talk to the one who created everything

so that I can feel His presence while I’m going through anything

to tune my ears to know the sound of His voice

so that all others will just be noise


to ask for guidance in the midst of the storm

so that I will know the miracles He can perform

to rest in the comfort of His love

so that I know there’s nothing that it can’t heal me of


to show others that anything’s possible

so that they have hope in any sign of trouble

to draw closer to Him

so that every evil presence knows they are not welcomed


to remind myself that I need Him before any other person

so that I can be fulfilled when He comes back in due season

to never take for granted all He did not have to do

so that I will always remember His grace covers multitudes


“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.”

-Psalms 145:18

4 thoughts on “Why I Pray

  1. A day without prayer is a day without air
    A day without God is impossible
    A day with reading is painful
    A day without truth is anarchy

    There is certainly great power in prayer. God bless and great opening picture!

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