What You Wanted

You just wanted to spend time with me

But I always showed You that I was too busy

You just wanted to hear the sound of my voice

And I talked to everyone but You as if You were my last choice


You just wanted all my love

But I gave it to people it wasn’t worthy of

You just wanted me to come to You

And I chose someone else’s arms to run into



You wanted me to get down on my knees and pray

But I just wanted You take my pain away

You just wanted me to trust in Your ways

And I wanted you to heal the wounds of yesterday



I’m sorry that I don’t always take time to talk to You

But somehow, I always have the time to ask something from You

I’m sorry that I see more of what You can do for me

Instead of what You mean to me



I’m sorry that my eyes are consumed with the world around me

That I don’t notice all that You have so graciously given me

I’m sorry that I put others above You, my Creator

Though I know with all my heart there’s no one greater


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