I am Yours

I’ve wandered away from You more than once

I’ve chosen to not acknowledge Your presence

Choosing to make my own decisions was once my preference

I have thought that I don’t need Your guidance


I’ve made decisions without Your permission

It’s no surpise that I ended up in even worse condition

Up until now, I’ve treated Your words as an opinion

Instead of knowing that Your word is my foundation


But now I’m choosing to listen to You

What You say, I will do

Where You lead, I will follow

When You speak, I will know


I’ll move when You say move

I’ll stay when You say there’s something in me that needs to improve

I’ll walk away when You say it’s time

I’ll have faith when You say there’s a mountain I need to climb


I know I’ve made a lot of detours,

But I am Yours

My life is competely in Your hands

And I will obey all Your commands

12 thoughts on “I am Yours

    1. Yes, I agree. I think that is something we all struggle with at some point or another, but as long as we trust that His eyes see the eternity and our eyes see the temporary then that should help a little in keeping the faith.

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  1. I love the honesty in your poetry. I can feel the struggles. I also really love the title of your blog. God mercifully broke me once and even though there was a time of intense anguish, it was the most gracious thing He could have done for me and I thank Him for it.

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