I pray that You open our eyes, Lord

I pray that You give us hope beyond the shores

I pray that You remind us that Your promises are secured

I pray that in all our missteps, You continue to guide us forward


I pray that the world around us knows the sound of your name

I pray that in every circumstance, we can look back and see what we overcame

I pray that all of Your children know You love them all the same

I pray that the trials of our lives last year no longer have any claim


I pray that nothing stands in the way of us drawing closer to You

I pray that in the midst of insecurity, You remind us of our value

I pray that we always remember that our identity is not found in what we go through

I pray that when things get rough, we still know who’s arms we can run into


I pray that we learn to find the beauty in every situation

I pray that we continue to give thanks to you no matter the occasion

I pray that in our failures, we can give others inspiration

As we begin a new year, I pray that we strive to keep up our New Year’s aspirations

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