One day when the things of this earth no longer satisfy my heart,

I’ll be able to cling to the perfect place that God has set apart.

One day when the uncertainty turns into worry,

I’ll be able to automatically remember that you already have the victory.


One day when I have questions about my future that need answering,

I’ll be able to completely rest in God’s promises that are unwavering.

One day when God’s plans and my plans don’t align,

With no hesitation, I’ll be able to willingly throw away mine.


One day when I don’t know where my life is headed toward,

I’ll be able to be content in knowing that He is always Lord.

One day when God calls me to fulfill my purpose,

I’ll be able to do it without feeling like He should have chosen someone else.


God doesn’t love you for who you are going to be one day,

He loves the imperfect you that you are today.

Strive to be the best you that you could possibly be,

But know that the love he has for you, exceeds beyond what your eyes can see.

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