What If…

What if my parents hadn’t raised me to know the name of Jesus Christ?

What if I never found out about everything He’s sacrificed?

What if for every sin I committed, I had to pay the price?

What if on this earth was my only life?


What if I never got to experience the fullness of the Lord?

What if every single one of my prayers went ignored?

What if I had no purpose in my life to work toward?

What if my soul never got the chance to be restored?


What if I lived my life empty, never feeling whole?

What if meeting Jesus one day wasn’t the ultimate goal?

What if Jesus never gave me all His heart and soul?

What if my life wasn’t under His control?


To God almighty who gave me life, I am thankful

With words that will never describe how You always remain faithful

To your people, their prayers, and their purpose

Showering us in Your love that is beyond precious


We deserve nothing, yet You give us an eternal promise

Reminding us of who we are even when we feel worthless

There is no sin that can’t be forgiven because Your grace is limitless

And in Your eyes, each and every one of us is priceless


Thank you God for the price You paid on that cross

So to You, I will give thanks everyday no matter the cost

And if I never knew You in all my days on this earth,

That would be my greatest loss

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